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About Us



Give a child money and they can experience the world.

Give a child an instrument and the world experiences them.




Taiwan's total land area is about 36,000 square kilometers (14,400 square miles). It is shaped like a leaf that is narrow at both ends. It lies off the southeastern coast of mainland Asia, across the Taiwan Strait from China - an island on the western edge of the Pacific Ocean. To the north is Japan; to the south is the Philippines.

Taiwan lies on the western edge of the Pacific "rim of fire," and continuous tectonic movements have created majestic peaks, rolling hills and plains, basins, coastlines, and other natural landscapes. Taiwan's tropical, sub-tropical, and temperate climates provide clear differentiation between the different seasons. There are rare or endangered species of wildlife on the island. Among these are the land-locked salmon, Taiwan serow, Formosan rock monkey, Formosan black bear, blue magpie, Mikado pheasant, and Hsuehshan grass lizard.


Taichung is situated in central Taiwan.
It has an area of 2215 square kilometers and a population of around 2.7 million. It has a pleasant climate and environment and an average temperature of 22.4 C. Taichung is endowed with a rich history and beautiful natural scenery.
Taichung is located in the center of Taiwan and most visitors to make the city their base for travel in the central region of the island.Taichung is a charming city synonymous with shopping, culture and good universities. The culture of a city is what gives it its and wherever people gather together there is sure to be art and humanity. Let’s take a look at Taichung together, this city whose fine arts, music, the ate rand modern art enrich the senses and nurture the spirit.

1 Taichung Outdoor Amphitheater
A feast of nature and art
The coliseums of ancient Europe were mostly outdoor circular amphitheaters. Their round shape and outdoor location allowed them to overcome the restrictions of being confined within a black box, as in other venues. The high levels of audience participation and sheer scale of this theater grants a greater number of people the chance to experience the theatrical arts, thereby expanding their leisure opportunities. The audience has a good view of the action and natural sound carries directly to the people in the audience. This is said to be the largest amphitheater in Asia. Visitors shouldn’t miss the chance to appreciate this double feast of nature and art!  http://fa.culture.taichung.gov.tw/

2The National Taichung Theater
The National Taichung Theater is not just a building that houses the opera. The entire architecture itself is an opera. One can feel the flow of air, sound and light not only in the foyer, but within the restaurant, sky garden and everywhere else in the building. One feels overwhelmed by the grandeur of a cosmic brilliance coming out of the architecture.
The spaces are at once eclectic and harmonic. Inspired by the Japanese checkered fabric pattern, Ito wanted to create an interwoven series of caves that brings a sense of softness to the building. With his distinct concept of the Emerging Grid, each grid is stretched to different sizes until a unified whole is formed—an architectural piece of symphony.  http://www.npac-ntt.org/



2015 Due to Arthur and David's future vision and plans they left GUO and started a new company with fellow co-founded Pearly Lin named KAKULIN Musical Instruments Co.,


2015 KAKULIN Musical Instruments Co.founded

2015 KAKULINSTONE Series Flutes

2016 Flora Series Flutes



soldering  head-joint  Pumping holes  press  laser  surface treatment  surface treatment of key

Pearls are the treasures of all treasures. They differ from gold, silver and other precious stones as they are created by a living organism.

A pearl begins its life when a grain of sand or a bit of floating food slips between one of the two shells of the oyster. In order to protect itself from the irritant,the oyster will cover it with nacre. Layer upon layer will cover the sand until a precious pearl is born.

KAKULIN's logo encompasses an oyster; it contains the metaphor of a pearl as the world. The growing pains of life hit us all yet through such experiences we emerge as a beautiful pearl! This also expresses KAKULIN’s sublime salute to every composer and musician that has and continues to make the world a richer place.

One can’t create works of art that touch people’s hearts without having experienced life's joy and sorrow.

KAKULIN, since its inception, has striven to make and produce high quality instruments for passionate music lovers around the world.

KAKULIN’s main priority is to ensure our customers receive an optimal product.This is achieved through careful planning and development, utilizing our global understanding and insight.

KAKULIN provides the world with world class instruments that are of excellent value. KAKULIN’s instruments fulfill the greatest cost-performance ratio – namely that they are reasonably priced but are of the highest quality.

KAKULIN prides itself on its integrity. We do not exaggerate our history with false promises or deceptive advertising; rather we provide an honest thorough service that will leave you,our customer touched by our knowledge, passion and dedication.

KAKULIN’s mission is to let everyone own a great instrument and for those budding musicians to enrapture the world.