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James Strauss

James Strauss

"Un grand bravo! An authentic Latin representative of the French School of Flute" 
~  Jean Pierre Rampal~

Said Jean Pierre Rampal. Those fortunate enough to hear Brazilian flutist James Strauss immediately agree with the French Master appreciation; it´s an extraordinary display of erudite musicianship allied with an innate sense of communication through Art. Strauss is a musician with an equal flair for sweetness, elegance and whatever extremes possible inside the concept of dramatic intimacy all filtered through an honest and sincere skill to properly conceptualize a work. His repertoire ranges from baroque to contemporary masters in addition to endeavors in Brazilian and South American folk that perfectly reflects the many facets of his abilities in solo, chamber or concerto performances. James Strauss is the first Brazilian flautist to ever be conceded a Diplomme de Concertiste by the École Normale de Musique de Paris. He was one of very few last disciples of Jean-Pierre Rampal. In Paris where he also  studied with Pierre-Yves Artaud, Alain Marion, Maurice Pruvot, Lazlo Hadadi, Bernard Andrés and later masterclasses with Mstislav Rostropovich, Ransom Wilson, Michel Moragues, Michel Debost. Strauss has a special interest in new music and unconventional repertoire, which has led many composers to dedicate works to him including the world or local premières of works by Nicole Randall, Solfa Carlile, Sean Hickey, Armand Frydman, Glenn Roger Davis, Ricardo Tacuchian, Philip Czaplowski, Dimitri Cervo, Julio Medaglia, Charles Chaynes, Jean Françaix, Alexander Arutiunian,Thorkel Sigibjornsson, and many others. He gave the modern première on the piccolo of the fourth piccolo concerto by Antonio Vivaldi, discovered by the French musicologist Jean Cassignol. He is regularly featured in the international press, as guest on NPR's Performance Today, Bowed Radio, WGUC FM and Cultura FM and he were host and performer on the Musical TV show Musicas que elevam at the REDE MUNDIAL. The Falls House Press/Theodore Presser Company published James Strauss's discovery and reconstruction of the Concertstuck for flute by Tchaikovsky. Strauss has been guest soloist with orchestras including: Capriccioso Chamber Ensemble (Finland), Israeli Virtuosi (Israel), Oxford Chamber Orchestra (USA), Tokyo Chamber Orchestra (Japan), Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra ( Lithuania), Sinfonica de Xalapa ( Mexico)  Sinfonietta de la Ciudad de Granada ( Spain) and many others. Respected for his inspiring teaching, Strauss has taught master classes and performed recitals for universities and flute societies, such Miami University (USA), Icelandic  Academy of Arts ( Iceland), Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris ( France), FALAUT flute festival (Italy),  Festival Eleazar de Carvalho Fortaleza CEARA (Brazil) ,  Londrina Music Festival (Brazil). As music critics say, “He has an astonishing tone color, beautifully rich and thick sound and he imparts a shimmering brilliance to his music. James Strauss  is one of the most brilliant artists of his generation. Principal Flutist of the Loja Symphony Orchestra (Ecuador)   since 2015, he enjoys a multi-faceted career as a leading soloist, recitalist, chamber musician and teacher.


~已故長笛大師  Jean PierreRampal~


有幸聽過巴西裔長笛演奏家James Strauss演奏的人都會立即同意這位法國長笛大師對他的弟子James Strauss的讚賞;這是一個具有豐富的音樂修養並卓越的展現出透過藝術溝通的天才。


James Strauss是第一位擁有巴黎音樂學院ÉcoleNormale獨奏家文憑認可的巴西長笛演奏家。他亦是Jean-Pierre Rampal最後少數門徒之一。在巴黎,他與Pierre-Yves Artaud, Alan Marion, Maurice Pruvot, Lazlo Hadadi,Bernard Andre一起學習,後期大師班則與Mstislav Rostropovich, RansomWilson, Michel MoraguesMichel Debost一起研習。

Strauss先生對於現代音樂和非傳統的曲目特別感興趣,這也引導許多作曲家將作品奉獻給他,而這些世界或地區首演作品提供者包括有Nicole Randall, Solfa Carlile, Sean Hickey, Armand Frydman, GlennRoger Davis, Ricardo Tacuchian, Philip Czaplowski, Dimitri Cervo, JulioMedaglia, Charles Chaynes, Jean Françaix, Alexander Arutiunian,ThorkelSigibjornsson等等。

Antonio VivaldiNo.4短笛協奏曲作為他的短笛現代首演曲目,是法國音樂學家Jean Cassignol所發現的。他同時受到國際主流媒體的長期關注與定期報導的人物,亦是NPRs Performance Today, Bowed Radio, WGUC FM以及Cultura FM的嘉賓,另外他在REDE MUNDIAL裡的Musicas que elevam音樂電視節目亦擔任主辦人及表演者。

The Falls House Press/Theodore Presser公司出版了James Strauss以長笛對於柴可夫斯基Concertstuck的探索和重現。Strauss先生還受邀作為多個樂團的獨奏嘉賓,包括:Capriccioso ChamberEnsemble (芬蘭), Israeli Virtuosi (以色列), Oxford Chamber Orchestra (美國), Tokyo ChamberOrchestra (日本), Lithuanian National SymphonyOrchestra (立陶宛), Sinfonica de Xalapa (墨西哥)  Sinfonietta de la Ciudad deGranada (西班牙) 等。

基於啟發式教學,James Strauss除了教大師班之外,並在大專院校及長笛協會演奏,如Miami University (美國), IcelandicAcademy of Arts (冰島), Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris (法國), FALAUT flute festival (意大利), Festival Eleazarde Carvalho Fortaleza CEARA (巴西) , Londrina MusicFestival (巴西)等。

音樂評論家說「他有令人驚豔的音色,豐富美好而渾厚的聲音,賦予他在音樂裡閃閃發光的光彩」。James Strauss是他那一時期最傑出的藝術家之一。自從2015年起,即在Loja Symphony Orchestra (Loja交響樂團)擔任首席長笛演奏家,他享受多面向的職業生涯,包括重要獨奏家、演奏家、室內樂音樂家和教師。

網站: http://jamesstrauss.org/